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short term rentalsWhat are short term rentals?

Short term rentals are designed for individuals who need temporary housing for as little as 1 month to as long as a 6 months’ rent. Temporary housing means renting a house or apartment for a short period, whether for a vacation or a business trip. Short term rentals include vacation/holiday rental properties, some efficiency apartments that are rented on a weekly basis, and corporate housing. Many people are looking at the options available for them regarding accommodations when they are traveling.  Nowadays, short term rentals are becoming increasingly common, although they have existed for many years. The concept of short term rentals for business trips has spread, with specialist property-management companies flourishing in cities like Addison TX. Many places such as Addison TX offering apartments for short term rentals have gradually extended their offering.  Addison Texas is among the most popular destinations and offers serviced apartments available for short term rentals. Some serviced apartments come fully furnished, outfitted and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay; they are available for a minimum of 1 month up to periods of a year.

How to find short term rentals apartmentsshort term rentals

When relocating, you may not have enough time before the move to find a permanent residence. A solution is to find short term rentals residence, such as what Addison offers. There are many properties in Addison Texas that offers short term rentals for incoming families or professionals. While Addison real estate agents and apartment locators have firsthand knowledge of such properties, a convenient and popular alternative to find a house or apartments with short term rentals is the Internet from where you can find a website such as  Addison Apartments specializes in monthly, 3 months’ rent and 6 months home rentals and includes pictures of the various properties available as well as lease terms, locations and contact information. Looking around the internet can help people see what options are available to them when searching or looking for short term rentals. is the easiest way to search for short term rentals on different cities like Addison TX. You can also try to search for advertisements in newspapers in the “housing, leasing or vacation rentals“ section of your desired city like Addison or search the words “short term rentals” to help you find one. There can be a lot of information found on websites that help you find great deals for short term rentals. Using this information and making some comparisons can be very helpful when making a decision on which way to proceed. It can also be helpful to read message boards and forums that can be used to make a well informed choice for short term rentals that you will be sure to be happy about.

Advantages of short term rentals

The pricing for short term rentals is high but generally more affordable then the rates that are found at hotels. Most hotels will charge people by the day and this can add up and become very costly in a very short period of time. People can find that they have more selections available to them when they use short term rentals. The location of rental properties can vary a great deal in comparison to a hotel. Addison is one of the best places that you can find when looking at short term rentals. The most outstanding reason for short term rentals is convenience. Short term rentals properties give the renter the comforts of a home. Short term rentals are convenient for people who are having their houses remodeled or for those who have sold their homes and are waiting to move into a new residence such as Addison Texas. Families spends vacation together find the convenience of short term rentals a cost-saving (over hotels) way to spend their vacation dollars. Short term rentals provide more of a home-like atmosphere, with kitchens and laundry facilities. Corporate short term rentals provide the business traveler with all the necessities to conduct business along with the conveniences of a hotel, such as with maid and wakeup call service. Corporations use short term rentals for their employees who are relocating or visiting from another city. Short term rentals are relatively variable as far as the amount of time that defines it. Addison offers great deals for short term rentals properties.

Tips for choosing short term rentals apartmentshort term rentals

If you’re relocating, or need to find short term rentals, do not worry too much. Although the task of finding all the different options may seem intimidating at first, it doesn’t have to be if you know what to look for in your search. There are many types of companies such as those in Addison TX offering short term rentals or accommodations. You just need to know the difference of what kinds of accommodations suit your needs. Addison Apartments is one of companies with great customer service that offers short term rentals and would definitely make your move an easy transition.

The following is a list of key items to check out so you can find the right company for your particular needs:

  • Home Convenience: Know if the location such as Addison provides accommodations that offer privacy and convenience of location. Look for the home you want rather than the terms you want. You can negotiate the lease or short term rentals after you find the property.
  • Customer Service: Know if the company like Addison Apartments provides or offer personal customer service for your short term rentals or if you will be treated like a number. A great temporary housing specialist such as in will listen to your needs and strive to accommodate your requests for your short term rentals.
  • Price: Short term rentals are typically less expensive than a hotel and often times equal to or less expensive than extended stay hotels.
  • Customization: Can the company such as tailor the accommodations to your needs? Let’s say, making it possible for you to bring your pet or set up space for a baby’s room or home office. Addison is one great place to live for short term rentals and offers a pet friendly environment.

There are so many ways through which you can easily select your perfect vacations. Make a search online and choose your favorite Addison short term rentals, vacation houses and other type of rentals or just visit for you to see a choice of properties to pick. If you want to feel as a resident of Addison Texas, an apartment short term rental would be ideal for you.

Find Short Term Rentals